I've always noticed a lack of advanced-beginner/intermediate guided listening resources on the web, so I'm posting these videos and questions centered around my Puerto Rican mom and other friends talking about their life in Spanish and (now available) in Korean. Let me know what you think.
  Title   Speaker Country
1.Recipe for Puerto Rican corned beef  
2.My tips for healthy eating 
4.What I like and what I'm like  
5.Three Kings Day (Los tres reyes magos)  
6.What my son is like 
7.What I do at home 
8.Puerto Rican meal: corn sticks, pegao, and more  
9.Puerto Rican ingredients in my kitchen 
10.My Ukulele 
11.What I'm like and what I like 
12.Angela plays the ukulele! 
14.What I like to do (hiking!) 
15.What I like to eat 
16.Ana plays a song by her father! 
17.Ana dances Salsa 
18.Ana's QuinceaƱera 
20.What I like to eat 
21.What I'm like and what I like 
22.My instruments 
23.What I'm like and what I like 
24.Day of the Dead 
26.What I like to eat 
27.Diana dances Bachata! 
28.Diana dances Merengue! 
29.Diana dances Salsa! 
30.About Santiago de Compostela 
31.Margarita talks about the future 
32.Margarita talks shopping in Santiago 
33.About me 
34.The gaita