Option 1: Quick and dirty guide to using CONJUGUEMOS

Less than two pages written in bullet points. This should be good enough for most users.

Option 2: More detailed answers below


  • 1. Do I need an account to use this site?
  • If you just want to practice and use the publicly available activities, you don't need an account. If you want to access activities created by your teacher, or record your grades/progress with the site, then you need to create an account.
  • 2. How do I create an account?
  • To create a student account:

    1. Go to the Student Registration page.
    2. Enter the required information.
    3. Press Submit.
    4. If you registered without a school you will receive a confirmation email that you will need to open to click on the activation link.
  • 3. I never received my confirmation email after registering!
  • Sometimes the confirmation email ends up in your spam/junk folder. If you can't find it, email us at Support.
  • 4. How do the activities work? I want a brief tutorial.
  • Sure. Try some of these videos in the GETTING STARTED page.

    Student Zone

  • 5. I can't find the activity that my teacher wants me to do.
  • If you can't see some/all of your teacher's activities in your Student Zone, you should talk to your teacher. One of the following is happening:

    1. Your teacher placed the activity in his/her Archive to hide the activity from all students.
    2. Your teacher assigned the activity to a class different than yours.
    3. Your teacher created a quiz with that activity and has made the activity invisible while the Quiz is active.
  • 6. How do I submit grades to my teacher?
  • Go to any activity and do the following:

    1. Click on the HOMEWORK button.
    2. Complete the activity and press Record Score if it's a vocabulary or verb activity. If it's a fill-the-blank/grammar activity, just press CHECK ANSWERS.


  • 7. How do I select my school/teacher/class?
  • Click on Account and make sure you're under the School/Teacher/Class tab.