Option 1: Quick and dirty guide to using CONJUGUEMOS

Less than two pages written in bullet points. This should be good enough for most users.

Option 2: More detailed answers below


  • 1. I'm a teacher. What can this site do for me and my students?
  • The site allows you to assign verb and vocabulary practice activities, and the site grades them for you. There are many other bells and whistles, but that is the main reason teachers come to this site.

    For a more detailed explanation of the many things the site can do, go to What's New?

  • 2. How do I get started?
  • To get started:

    1. If your school already has an account, go to the Teacher Registration page to join that school's account. If your school does not have an account yet, go to the School Registration page to create an account for your school.
    2. Register your students. Students can register themselves by using the Student Registration page, or you can register them yourself by clicking on Roster.
    3. At this point, students can already practice activities and start sending grades to your account. You'll be able to view the grades via the Gradebook link.
  • 3. The site worked fine before. Why did you change it????
  • I'm getting this question a lot. There are MANY reasons for the change, but the main one is that the old site was very outdated in the code and because of that it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The old site was like an old house: it was breaking all the time, and duck tape could only go so far. It needed to be rebuilt.

    Roster and Account Management

  • 4. How do I register students, or how do they register themselves?
  • To register students, you have two options:

    1. They can register themselves. They should go to the Student Registration page.
    2. You can register them. Log onto your Teacher account and click at the top on MORE->Roster and click on Add Students.
  • 5. I used to be able to view their usernames and passwords in the ROSTER page. How do I print/view their passwords now?
  • For legal reasons (COPPA), we can no longer show unencrypted passwords of minors on the site. It's frustrating, but that's the way it is. What you CAN do in this situation is to reset all the students passwords at once with the same password (which they can later change individually). It's not ideal, but it works:

    1. Click on MORE -> ROSTER
    2. Click on the BULK PASSWORD RESET button to reset all the passwords of all your students to the same password of your choice.
  • 6. How do I change students from one teacher to another?
  • You need to log in as an ADMIN to do that, using the school id and school password that was created by the person who created your school account. If you don't have that info, contact Support. Once you have that info, log in and do this:

    1. At the top of the page click on STUDENTS
    2. Check the students you want to reassign and use the dropdown that says ASSIGN TO TEACHER.
  • 7. What is the difference and point between FOLDERS and ASSIGNING ACTIVITIES?
  • Folders Assigning Activities
    1. PURPOSE: Folders are for organizing the way YOU VIEW your activities in your account.
    2. You have two built-in folders. The Unfiled folder is the default folder. The Archive is to store activities that you don't want students to see.
    3. You can create as many folders as you want.
    1. PURPOSE: Assigning is for controlling what STUDENTS VIEW on their end.
    2. Placing activities in folders does not affect how students can or cannot view them (except the ARCHIVE). So if you want to control which students can view which activities, you should assign your students to classes and then assign your activities to classes.
    3. To assign an activity to a class: select the checkbox next to the activity or activities and then press the ASSIGN button near the top.
  • 8. How do I place my students into classes?
  • To place students in classes, do the following:

    1. Create your classes by clicking at the top on MORE -> Roster and then the Classes tab.
    2. Assign your students to the correct classes by clicking then on the Roster tab and then using the dropdown that says Assign students to class.
  • 9. How can I communicate with my students?
  • You create messages that your students will see when they first log into their Student Zone. To create a message, click at the top on MORE -> Messages.

  • 10. Where are the SETTINGS that control what my students can and cannot do?
  • You can control how your students use the site in various ways. To do so, click on MORE at the top of the page (next to Grades) and select Settings. Here are some of the actions you can control:

    1. Whether your students can change settings in an activity (clock, verbs selected, pronouns used, etc)
    2. Whether your students can access games and printables
    3. Whether your students can see the correct answer after they get it wrong
    4. Whether your students sends an email after recording a score
  • 11. I switched schools. How do I transfer my account and my activities?
  • To transfer your account to another school, please contact Support. Please say to which school and state you are moving in the message.

    Teacher Zone and Grades

  • 12. How do I create my own activity?
  • Click at the top of the page on TEACHER ZONE and press the CREATE ACTIVITY button.

  • 13. How do I turn an activity into a Quiz and what is the point of doing so?
  • Any activity in your Teacher Zone can be turned into a Quiz. Quizzes allow you to give a standardized assessment to your students based on the activity's content. Each quiz will have the same number of questions, and students will only submit their answers once.

    To create a quiz, go to your Teacher Zone and click on the activity and then select Turn to Quiz. Students will see this quiz in the Quizzes tab of their Student Zone.

  • 14. How can I access activities from other teachers in the site, and vice versa?
  • You have the following options for accessing activities from other users in the site:

    1. You can share your activities with another teacher by selecting the activity and then clicking on Share. You will need to know the email of that user.
    2. You can import activities from our database by searching for them. To search for an activity, click on Create Activity and then select the language and the type of activity you want. Then, select the Import an Activity tab to search for an activity.
  • 15. What if I can't find activities for my textbook?
  • You can create them! Every activity in this site was created by teachers, so if you'd like to create activities for your textbook, you can contact us via Support and we can quickly make them public.

  • 16. How do I restrict students from only seeing certain activities?
  • You can restrict what activities your students can see from your Teacher Zone. These are your options:

    1. To hide an activity from all students: click the activity and select Move to and then select the Archive folder. No student will be able to see activities placed there.
    2. To hide an activity from some students: assign your activites to specific classes so that only students assigned to those classes will be able to see them. To assign an activity, click on it and then select Assign.
  • 17. There are five different tabs in my Gradebook! Can you briefly explain them to me?
  • The five tabs in the gradebook are:

    1. Practice Grades: these are the scores submitted when your students click on the HOMEWORK button of the activity and then press Record Score. Click on the title of the activity to see the details: which questions the student got right and wrong.
    2. Practice Stats: this view allows you to compare students and view how they're trending. Many teachers use this feature to show progress to their districts! You'll be able to see if a student is trending up or down, and see which students are spending the most time in the site.
    3. Quiz Grades: this view looks like a traditional gradebook. Each quiz will be in its own column, and each student will have a total grade for all quizzes completed. You can view the individualized results of the quiz by clicking on the quiz's score.
    4. Flashcard: Time Spent: the site records how long students spend practicing on the FLASHCARDS. This gradebook view shows you that.
    5. Study: Time Spent: the site records how long students spend practicing on the STUDY format of the activity. This gradebook view shows you that.