Option 1: Quick and dirty guide to using CONJUGUEMOS

Less than two pages written in bullet points. This should be good enough for most users.

Option 2: Advanced CONJUGUEMOS usage

These short tutorial videos (all less than four minutes) are mostly geared for teachers and homeschool parents who might want to have their students use the site, but students and independent learners can certainly find useful information in them as well.


  1. Intro: Basic Use of CONJUGUEMOS
  2. Using Graded Practice
  3. Using Games!
  4. Using Flashcards & Printables
  5. Customizing Verb Activities & Hints
  6. Practicing your listening!
  7. Creating Accounts

  8. Creating a School/Teacher Account
  9. How to Register Students
  10. Managing your Students and Grades

  11. Gradebook Tutorial Part I: Grades
  12. Gradebook Tutorial Part II: Stats
  13. Gradebook Tutorial Part III: Quizzes,Flashcards, Archives
  14. Managing your Roster