CONJUGUEMOS Privacy Policy

CONJUGUEMOS is committed to safeguarding the personal information that you provide us. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform our customers and website users or visitors of the type of personal and other information that CONJUGUEMOS, a credit card processing partner, teachers, schools, and school officials, or a credit card processing vendorother vendor acting on our behalf, collects about you, how the information is gathered, how it is used, how long it is retained and how customers and visitors can restrict its use or disclosure. The provisions of this notice apply to our current and former customers and anyone visiting or using our website. Please see the additional privacy provisions applicable to children/minors using or accessing the website which are contained at the end of the privacy policy.

Why We Collect Personal Information

When you use or visit the website, submit programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests, or access or use programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests, we collect personal information about you for business purposes. For purposes of this privacy policy, practice activities includes, but is not limited to, verb conjugations, vocabulary, grammar activities, flashcards, crosswords, worksheets, and/or other printable resources. The collection of customer information is a critical element in CONJUGUEMOS’s day-to-day operations in order to conduct business and offer products and services and to maintain the highest level of customer service for all customers and website visitors and users.

CONJUGUEMOS endeavors to safeguard the customer identifiable information obtained from its website users and visitors from any unauthorized intrusions. We limit access to your personal information to those employees, agents, consultants, teachers, schools, school officials, business partners, and vendors and suppliers who need to know in order to conduct our business and provide you with our products and service. We do not rent or sell your name or personal information to anyone.

When users choose to register on our site, they do so in one of three different roles: student, teacher, or school administrator. Depending on the role they choose,they will be asked to give us the following personal information during registration:

When you use CONJUGUEMOS programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on our website, we collect information about you, including your name, age if a minor, address, email address, school you attend or work at, classes you teach or are enrolled in, and the answers, results, scores, and grades on the programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests you access and complete. We share those answers, information, results, scores, and grades with the teachers, schools, and school officials whose applications, programs, practice activities, quizzes, and tests you have accessed. Teachers, schools, and school officials have set up accounts to monitor answers, results, scores, grades, and other information to programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests and have enable you to have access to these accounts.

Collection of personal information

CONJUGUEMOS collects and uses personal and non-personal information to manage your relationship with CONJUGUEMOS and better serve you by personalizing your experience and interaction with CONJUGUEMOS.

CONJUGUEMOS may collect your personal information through your access and use of our websites or web-based applications, during conversations or correspondence with CONJUGUEMOS representatives, when you purchase services or complete an online form. CONJUGUEMOS may collect personal information from you in connection with:

The type of personal information CONJUGUEMOS may collect from you includes, but is not limited to:

The company processing credit card payment for our services collects financial information, such as your credit card/debit card number and information, security codes, billing address, or other billing information. Please refer to their privacy terms when processing payment.

If you choose to access or participate in a referral program on our site, we will ask you for your friend’s e-mail address, social media handle, phone number, or other contact information to send your friend an invitation to participate in the program. Any information, applications, programs, practice activities, problems, quizzes, or tests you upload to our website for general use will be shared with and available for use by our customers and website visitors. Any information, application, programs, practice activities, problems, quizzes, or tests you upload to our website for use by the students, schools and school officials you have designated to have access will only be shared with those individuals.

If you post, comment, indicate interest or complain, or share personal information, including photographs, to any public forum on an CONJUGUEMOS site, social network, blog, or other such forum, please be aware that any information you submit can be read, viewed, collected, or used by other users on these forums, and could be used to contact you, send you unsolicited messages, or for purposes that neither you nor CONJUGUEMOS have control over. CONJUGUEMOS is not responsible for the personal information you choose to provide in these forums.

CONJUGUEMOS also collects information from publicly or commercially available sources that it deems credible. Such information may include your name, address, email address, preferences, interests, demographic data, and profile data. The information CONJUGUEMOS collects from its public or commercial sources may be used along with the information CONJUGUEMOScollects when you visit our sites. CONJUGUEMOS may also collect some information that is not personal information because it does not identify you or anyone else. For example, we may collect anonymous answers to surveys or aggregated information about how users use our websites, products or services.

Use of your information

CONJUGUEMOS may use your information for the following purposes including, but not limited to:

Credit card information is used only for payment processing and fraud prevention. Sensitive personal information is not used for any other purpose and will not be kept longer than necessary for providing the services.

Sharing of your information

CONJUGUEMOS will not sell, rent or lease your personal information to others. CONJUGUEMOS shares personal information in the following ways:

CONJUGUEMOS shares information on the programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests you access and the answers, results, and scores on these programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests with teachers, schools, and school officials designated to have access to this information.

CONJUGUEMOS shares any problems, programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests that you post to the website for general use with our customers and website users and visitors.

We may share the personal information described above with third-party service providers affiliated with us, such as third-party service providers assisting us in collecting and processing payment information or assisting us with marketing and communication initiatives. These companies acting on our behalf are required to keep your personal information confidential and secure.

Also, we may disclose personal information with non-affiliated companies and regulatory authorities as permitted or required by applicable law. For example, we may disclose personal information to investigate and help prevent potential fraud, other unlawful activity or activity that threatens the network; as required by law or regulation, such as to comply with a subpoena, court orders, or similar legal process or official requests; when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request; to any other third party with your prior consent to do so. If CONJUGUEMOS is involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, you will be notified via a prominent notice on our website of any change in ownership or uses of your personal information, as well as any choices you may have regarding your personal information.

We will retain your information only as long as needed for business, tax and/or legal purposes. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements. We will destroy your information once it is no longer needed. Problems, programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, and tests that you post for general use by our customers and website users and visitors may be retained indefinitely.

Except as described in this privacy policy, we will not use your personal information for any other purpose unless we describe how such information will be used at the time you disclose it to us or we obtain your permission to do so.

Any personally identifiable information (PII) will be de-identified for any use of data for product development, research, or other purposes. We will not share PII without prior written consent of the user except as required by law, nor use any of the data for sales, marketing, or advertising. Finally, we make every effort to comply with FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA.

Declining e-mail offers

CONJUGUEMOS will only send our customers e-mail regarding promotional offers or other news if a customer grants us permission to do so and provides an email address. A customer has the right to choose not to receive CONJUGUEMOS e-mail direct marketing communications by opting-out or unsubscribing. A customer can opt-out or unsubscribe from our e-mail list by clicking on the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every message or promotion delivered electronically to our customers. Upon such election, CONJUGUEMOS will not contact that customer directly with promotional messages, and will not use personal information obtained from that customer's registration to contact that customer with CONJUGUEMOS product or service messages.

If you choose to receive marketing emails or newsletters from CONJUGUEMOS, CONJUGUEMOS may automatically collect personal information about you. For example, through web beacons and personalized URLs embedded in these emails or newsletters, CONJUGUEMOS can track whether you have opened those messages and whether you’ve clicked on links contained within those messages.


CONJUGUEMOS has gone to significant lengths to implement technology and security features to safeguard the privacy of your personal information from unauthorized access or improper use. When you enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number) on our order forms, we encrypt the transmission of that information. CONJUGUEMOS, based on its judgment, will continue to enhance its security procedures as new technology becomes readily available. However, as Internet security is not perfect, CONJUGUEMOS cannot guarantee 100% security. If you have any questions about security on our website, you can contact us at 857-445-3002.

Do not Track Signals

“Do not track” signals or mechanisms are typically small pieces of code, similar to cookies, that signal to websites that the user does not want their website activities to be tracked by the website operator, including analytics tools, advertising networks, and other types of data collection and tracking practices. CONJUGUEMOS does not honor these “do not track” signals. Regardless of any “do not track” signal, CONJUGUEMOS will continue to track your access and use of our website. The tracking may include tracking for purposes of online behavior including, but not limited to, market research, website analytics, website operations, fraud detection and prevention, or security.


When you visit our website, we may store information on your computer that allows us to identify you immediately. This process is often referred to as "cookie" technology. More specifically, a cookie is a commonly used Internet standard which stores, in a very small text file on the customer's hard disk, information specific to the customer. Our website makes limited use of cookies in an effort to improve our level of service to our website visitors. We may link the information we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site. Cookies cannot be accessed by any other website other than the website issuing the cookie. The private features of our website are only accessible when cookies are enabled in the customer's browser. If a customer does not wish to utilize cookies, this feature may be disabled within the customer's Web browser. However, by disabling cookies, a customer will not have access to private areas of our website.

Other Websites

CONJUGUEMOS's websites may contain links to other websites, third party applications, or products or services that are not owned or controlled by CONJUGUEMOS. If you access these links, you will be leaving CONJUGUEMOS website. CONJUGUEMOS does not control these websites and applications. Any personal information collected by such third party websites and applications is not governed by this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you examine the privacy policies of such third party websites, which may differ from those of CONJUGUEMOS, prior to submitting any personal information.

In some instances, our website content is also featured on other websites with differing or non-existent privacy policies. These websites may collect personal information from website visitors that may or may not be used in conjunction with our website information. Prior to supplying personal information to any third party company linking to our website, please read and understand the privacy policy of such third party company.


Advertisements may appear on pages throughout our website. Some advertisements may request information directly from our customers or take our customers to websites that may request personal information. CONJUGUEMOS has no control over its advertisers' privacy policies, so please examine the privacy policy of any company advertising on our website prior to submitting any personal information.

Third Party Advertising Companies

We collect information about your activity on CONJUGUEMOS websites for a number of purposes using technologies such as cookies, web beacons, widgets and server log files. We and our authorized CONJUGUEMOS advertising partners use that information, as well as other information they have or we may have, to help tailor the ads you see on our sites and to help make decisions about ads you see on other sites. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our behalf. These companies employ cookies and action tags to measure advertising effectiveness. Any information that these third parties collect via cookies and action tags is completely anonymous.

If you wish to not have this information used for the purpose of serving you targeted ads, you may opt-out.Please note that by “opting out” you will no longer receive targeted advertising. You will, however, continue to receive general advertising in the form of generic ads.

Public Forums/Blogs

Our website offers publicly accessible blogs or community forums. You should be aware that any information you provide in these areas may be read, collected, and used by others who access them. You should not provide personally identifiable information in any publicly accessible blog or community forum.


Occasionally, we may conduct surveys on our website. Surveys are conducted at random and are completely voluntary to our website visitors. The survey may require a customer to provide customer identifiable information in exchange for the information or services provided by the survey. We may use this information in an aggregate manner to better tailor the types of services, information, and advertising that are provided on our website.

Children’s Privacy

CONJUGUEMOS’s website can be used by children under the age of 13. CONJUGUEMOS’s website is available for use by children under the age of 13 as part of a school program or on their own to practice their foreign language skills. Our site offers a variety of activities which may be accessed by adults and children of all ages, including activities that may collect information from children.

Where children access the website as part of a school program, their teacher, school, or school officials have authorized and designated them to have access to programs, applications, practice activities (including verb conjugation, vocabulary, grammar activities, flashcards, crosswords, worksheets, and/or other printable resources), quizzes, or tests on the website and CONJUGUEMOS does not provide any notice or seek consent from parents or guardians for this access and use. For children accessing the website on their own, CONJUGUEMOS has set up procedures to comply with the law including providing notice of the information we collect, how we use the information, providing notice to parents about their child’s registration on the site where it is not done as part of an authorized school program, obtaining approval from parents prior to obtaining, using, and/or disclosure of personal information where not done as part of an authorized school program, and providing notice to parents of any material change to our privacy policy and practices. As stated previously in our policy, CONJUGUEMOS only collects personal information and shares that information with teachers, schools, and school officials who have set up programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on the website for use by your child.

Children can access and register with our website to view content, access programs and applications, and participate in practice activities, quizzes, or tests. During the registration process, CONJUGUEMOS requests that children provide certain information for notification and security purposes, including their name, age, and email address, their member or account user name, their account password, the name and email address of their parent or guardian, the name of their teacher, and the name of and location of the school they attend. We also may track geo-location data such as their IP address or physical location. We also ask the age of the child to determine whether the user/child is 12 year of age or younger. Please note that children can choose whether to share their personal information with us, but they may not be able to access certain features, including programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on the website without providing the information. We do not require children to provide more information than is reasonably necessary to access and participate in any on-line activities on the website.

CONJUGUEMOS requests and obtains parental or guardian consent before we collect any personal information from the child where registration is not done as part of an authorized school program. If you believe that your child is accessing our website and participating in programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests that are not part of an authorized school program on the website and you or another parent or guardian have not received an email providing notice to you and seeking your consent, you should contact CONJUGUEMOS at


Please note that the use of some activities on our website do not require the providing of any personal information. In using programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on the website, children will be providing information such as their answers to programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on the website and CONJUGUOMOS may score the results and share those results with teachers, schools, and school officials that have access to these programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests. CONJUGUOMOS will not provide any additional notice to parents or guardians or seek any additional consent to obtain or share this information as provided above and in this policy. CONJUGUEMOS does not post this information for access by the general public or general users of the website.

CONJUGUEMOS believes there is no information on its website which is inappropriate or objectionable for viewing by children. Wireless devices and services purchased for family use may be used by minors without the knowledge of CONJUGUEMOS. If that happens, any information collected from the usage will appear to be the personal information of the actual adult subscriber and treated as such under this Policy.

On-Line Eraser for Minors In California

California law provides for the ability of minors that are registered users of the website to request and obtain removal of material, information, and content posted on the website. Registered users 17 years of age or younger who are California residents, may request CONJUGUEMOS to remove their own posted content on the website by sending a notice of the request to CONJUGUEMOS at Such request must include the name and user ID and account number of the minor making the request and the posted information, material and content on the website they are requesting to have removed. Upon receipt of such a request, CONJUGUEMOs will remove material, information, and content posted on the website, including answers, results, scores, and other information provided as part of the use of programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests on the website. Please note that in complying with such a request, the posted information, material, and content will no longer be visible to other users of the website or public, including teachers, schools, and school officials who have set up the programs, applications, practice activities, quizzes, or tests as part of a school program or class activity. The material, information, and content will not be deleted from the CONJUGUEOMO’s server; it will just no longer be visible or accessible by other users or the general public. There are exceptions to complying to the request where the posted information, material, and content will not be removed from visibility to or access by other users, such as where federal or state law requires CONJUGUEMOS or its third parties to maintain the information, material, and content, the information, material, and content is stored on or posted to the CONJUGUEMO’s website by a third party, the information, material, and content is provided and maintained anonymously, the minor fails to follow the instructions regarding removal, or the minor has received compensation or other consideration for providing the information, material, and content.

Policy Changes

CONJUGUEMOS reserves the right to change its privacy policy by publishing new terms on its website at any time. If we make any material changes we will notify you by means of a notice on our website. Your continued access and use of our websites constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of such amended policy. This privacy policy does not create any legal right for you or any third parties.


Please direct any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy to us at 1 857-445-3002 or at:

P.O. Box 86
Newton, MA 02456
1- 857-445-3002