Yes, the site has changed.

Below I list some of the new features in CONJUGUEMOS 2.0, with accompanying short YouTube videos demonstrating the feature. To the right I will be keeping a list of the next round of upgrades/plans for the site over the next year.

What's New 2016 What's Coming 2017
  1. Customizing Verb Activities & Hints
  2. Using Games!
  3. Verb Reference/Library
  4. Gradebook Tutorial Part I: Grades
  5. Gradebook Tutorial Part II: Stats
  6. Better security
  7. Using Flashcards & Printables
  8. Practicing your listening!
  9. Creating your own Verb Activities
  10. The Coqui
  1. MUCH improved listening section. This is where I'll spend the majority of my time, as it's something I'm passionate about as a teacher. There's be multiple-choice quizzes, more speakers, leveled listening, and more.
  2. Add Verb Hinting/Verb Categorization for French verbs (now it's Spanish only)
  3. Students can submit their game scores/time to teacher gradebook